The Wii Mini (stylized as Wii mini) is a smaller, redesigned Wii which lacks YPBPR (component video/d-terminal) and s-video output, GameCube compatibility, online gaming, the SD card slot and Wi-Fi support.[252][253] It was released in Canada on December 7, 2012 with a MSRP of C$99.99, in Europe on March 15, 2013 and in the UK on March 22, 2013.[254][255] Nintendo uses this console and the Nintendo Selects game series to promote low cost gaming. The Wii Mini only has one USB port, unlike its predecessors, which had two ports. The Wii Mini is styled in matte black with a red border, and includes a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk but does not include a pack-in game. A composite video/audio cable, wired sensor bar and power adapter are also included.[256]