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    Di'angemon Preview

    August 23, 2013 by Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, even though I know NO one's going to read this, I'm making a series with the Di'angelo characters as Pokemon. As Di'angelo will state in the preview, everymon (yes, I really just said that) in his family is a Eeveelution of some sort. It's going to be called "Di'angemon". Too close to Digimon for MY tastes... Anyways, here's a short preview of the pilot, that I'll work on later. (Please don't bash me for it, I know it probably sucks, I wanted to be a CHILDREN'S book author, ya know... so, it's a bit kiddy...)

    A Leafeon tosses and turns in his bed, under the cover of his blanket.

    "I don't feel like getting up right now...", he thought, drowsily.

    He's then jolted out of bed, by a young and hyper Eevee.

    "C'mon, big brother!", she squeals, …

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, uh, I KNOW everyone is wondering where I was yesterday... and I can explain that. Uh, Ty can tell you that I left around 5 o'clock mysteriously and didn't come back. Well, this is because my whole section of apartments had a blackout. It started a 5PM and ended around 2-3AM. It's a miracle that none of our food spoiled. So, imagine for THAT many hours not having any TV, internet, or appliances to cook with! What makes it even WORSE is, we didn't have anything to eat for dinner but cereal and that's what only I could eat, since, well, I thought Georgia Power was coming back in the morning/late afternoon again, to try again, but the power just POOF, came back on. Me and my mom found out the light on the apartment section ACROSS from us…

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