Why hallo. So I thought up this monster related series called A MONSTROUS WORLD. I hope it actually works out though, XD.

The Plot

It's 2013, and a foundation titled the Paranormal Monster Containment Facility, PMCF for short, has been founded. They have corraled the World's Monsters into a single facility. However, a single blunder is made, and 50% of the monsters have been released, killing everyone inside, and escaping into the outside. Cut to 2023, and a group of teenagers wanders into the sorrounding area, and a few hidden secrets and creatures best left alone...

The Monsters

What the PMCF labels as a Monster is creatures such as Reptilians, Slendermen or Zombies, creatures that are paranormal/abnormal in looks and origins.

(Current, to be updated list of monsters)

Werewolves, Alien Beasts, Slendermen, Lagoon Creatures, Giant Insects, Reptoids, Harpies, Zombies, Clowns ,Demons ,Vampires, Giant Snakes, Giants, Jack-o-Lanterns, Scarecrow Folk, Dragonbats, Evil Snowmen, Witches, Sexy Witches, Dragons, Leviathans, Hellicorns, Slashers, Killer LeachesKiller Birds Saddle Beasts Giant Gators Giant Apes Killbots Gremlins Blobs Bullhead Phantoms Kappas Gryphons Face-Peelers Shadows Cthulhoids Cyclops Rabid Dogbeasts Slimy Cloak Beasts Tentichokes Alli-dogs Magma Folk Minotaurs Scorpion People Banshees Giant Toad Zombie Aliens Giant Sharks Robosaurs Tyrannosaurs Chupacabras Jersey Devils Smilodons Marozis Wendigos Mothmen Owlmen Chimeras Kongamatos Ropens Emela-Ntoukas Thunderbirds Tatzelwurms Drop Bears Bunyips Shunka Warak'ins Mokele Mbembes Moas Super Eels Fire Squids Ahools Canvey Island Beasts Dover Demons Megalanias Nessie Goatmen Reptilians Hellhounds Trolls (Monsters) and Horror Seals.

Each monster is stuffed into a glass elevator, about 100 of each species is in each elevator, despite many creatures such as Slendermen or Jersey Devils thought to be a single specimen species.

The Teens

Jaden - A well-built football player with a passion for monsters and the unknown. Firey temper if you mess with him, his family or his girlfriend Emilia.

Emilia - The thin built 'cheerleader' of the five, she has a bubbly and air-headed personality, accident-prone as much as she is intelligent when needed, somehow very intelligent in the field of monsters.

Zach - A quite intelligent 'nerd' of the five, he's very precise and accurate, and has studied many works which contain many of the monsters of the facility,

Mary - The 'heart' of the group, by far the kindest and most friendly of the group, as well as the 2nd fastest behind Jaden, she somehow has a wide knowledge of monsters like Emilia, Jaden, and...

Duke - The 'weirdo' of the group, with a wide knowledge of monsters like Emilia, Mary and Jaden, and fascinated with the otherwordly creatures, often having dreamt of joining the PMCF. --Archetype claimed by Arturo


You guys can help me in developing this series by contributing Monster and episode ideas, as well as characters that may take the roles of the 'archetypes' above. (Note, the above teens are examples of archetypes and not planned characters).

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