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  • I live in Camp Crystal Lake
  • My occupation is Slasher
  • I am Male
  • AngryGodzillaPie

    Why hallo. So I thought up this monster related series called A MONSTROUS WORLD. I hope it actually works out though, XD.

    It's 2013, and a foundation titled the Paranormal Monster Containment Facility, PMCF for short, has been founded. They have corraled the World's Monsters into a single facility. However, a single blunder is made, and 50% of the monsters have been released, killing everyone inside, and escaping into the outside. Cut to 2023, and a group of teenagers wanders into the sorrounding area, and a few hidden secrets and creatures best left alone...

    What the PMCF labels as a Monster is creatures such as Reptilians, Slendermen or Zombies, creatures that are paranormal/abnormal in looks and origins.

    (Current, to be updated list of monst…

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