A Creeper, a sight that would scare the bravest player.

 Minecraft is an indie sandbox game created by Notch. The objective is to build, craft and collect the available resources, like Wood, Dirt, Stone, Ores, Coal, etc. You can play on a solitary game or play on a multiplayer server. The very first thing you HAVE to is build a shelter, as at night Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers, Skeletons Riding Spiders and Endermen'll come out and kill you. There are 3 modes: Survival, Creative and Adventure.  Survival is crafting and shelters and resources. Creative is you have an infinity amount of every block and you have Spawn Eggs to spawn the different Minecraft creatures. Adventure is you can destroy blocks, but only with the right tools. It's updated oftenly with new features, the newest one introducing fireworks and Enchanted Books. There also two Bosses you CAN fight, but don't HAVE TO. Notch also made achievments you CAN achieve, but don't have to. The two bosses are the Enderdragon: a large black dragon with purple eyes you can find in 'The End'; and The Wither: A three-headed, flying , fireball-breathing boss that YOU make by putting Soul Sand blocks in a short 'T' fashion and put a Wither Skeleton Head on each of the top three Soul Sand blocks. There are 5 mobs you can get loot and food from: Pigs give porkchops, Cows give leather which makes armor and beef, Chickens give feathers, eggs and whole chickens, Sheep give wool, and Squid drop ink sacs. You have to kill the creatures to get the drops, but the egg is an exception, since chickens only LAY eggs every 5-10 minutes. The Evil creatures also drop stuff: Creepers (as long as you don't get too close and make them explode) drop gunpowder and if you make them get killed by a skeleton, also drop music disks; Skeletons drop bones, arrows, bows and sometimes enchanted bows; Zombies drop rotten flesh; Spiders drop string and spider's eye and Endermen drop Ender-Pearls.