• Rigbybestie1510

    Di'angemon Preview

    August 23, 2013 by Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, even though I know NO one's going to read this, I'm making a series with the Di'angelo characters as Pokemon. As Di'angelo will state in the preview, everymon (yes, I really just said that) in his family is a Eeveelution of some sort. It's going to be called "Di'angemon". Too close to Digimon for MY tastes... Anyways, here's a short preview of the pilot, that I'll work on later. (Please don't bash me for it, I know it probably sucks, I wanted to be a CHILDREN'S book author, ya know... so, it's a bit kiddy...)

    A Leafeon tosses and turns in his bed, under the cover of his blanket.

    "I don't feel like getting up right now...", he thought, drowsily.

    He's then jolted out of bed, by a young and hyper Eevee.

    "C'mon, big brother!", she squeals, …

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  • AngryGodzillaPie

    Why hallo. So I thought up this monster related series called A MONSTROUS WORLD. I hope it actually works out though, XD.

    It's 2013, and a foundation titled the Paranormal Monster Containment Facility, PMCF for short, has been founded. They have corraled the World's Monsters into a single facility. However, a single blunder is made, and 50% of the monsters have been released, killing everyone inside, and escaping into the outside. Cut to 2023, and a group of teenagers wanders into the sorrounding area, and a few hidden secrets and creatures best left alone...

    What the PMCF labels as a Monster is creatures such as Reptilians, Slendermen or Zombies, creatures that are paranormal/abnormal in looks and origins.

    (Current, to be updated list of monst…

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  • Arturo3x!

    Chapter 2 of Pacific Rim: Re-Breach Stories, enjoy!  

    WARNING: (Even though nobody reads this shit) This Episode has strong language and gore. Reader discretion is advised. 

    (Some people are swimming  on a random beach)

    Random Guy: (Relaxing) Hey! Have you heard that Kaiju are attacking our world again?

    Random Guy 2: (Afraid) WHAT?! Then lets get our asses out of here!

    Random Guy: Relax! What are the odds of a Kaiju attacking this beach right NOW? 

    (Some bubbles start emerging behind RG)

    Random Guy 2: EWWW...That's gross...

    Random Guy: What? I didn't do what you THINK I did!

    (Light is seen above RG)

    Random Guy 2: Geez dude! What do you fucking eat?!

    (A Cat II Kaiju (Kazirra) emerges and eats RG)

    Random Guy 2: HOLY SHIT! 

    (RG 2 swims and tries to escape …

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  • Brook O Roonie

    Leaving Wikia

    August 12, 2013 by Brook O Roonie
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  • Arturo3x!

    Chapter 1 of Pacific Rim: Re-Breach Stories (I need to think on a abbreviation really soon), whatever, enjoy!  

    WARNING: (Even though nobody reads the warning part) This Episode has strong lenguage and gore. Reader discretion is advised. 

    Well, first you need to know the characters, Im not going to write a bio, but Im going to do that later.

    • Arturo (Jaeger: Jalapeno Alpha)
    • Derek (Jaeger: Dragon Slayer)
    • Kate (Jaeger: Dragon Slayer, Derek's Co-Pilot
    • Jada (Jaeger: Tiger Fury)
    • Regina (Jaeger: Tiger Fury, Jada's Co-Pilot)
    • Sonja (Jaeger: Blood Hound)
    • Ty (Jaeger: Mine Killer)

    • Dr. Newt Geiszler (K-Science Officer)
    • Dr.Hermann Gottlieb (K-Science Officer)
    • Caitlin Lightcap (PPDC Scientist)
    • Sophia Green (PPDC Scientist and Nurse)
    • Herc Hansen (PPDC Marshall)

    The moment you we…

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  • Arturo3x!

    Hey guys! So, Im working on this new series about Pacific Rim, first of all I will tell you the plot.

    10 years after the event of Pacific Rim, somehow,  temporal breaches are opened, letting Kaijus enter our world, the Jaeger Pilot Program goes on again, and now, Jaegers have more technology, needing only 1 pilot to control the Jaeger, they are many types of Kaijus now, and the Jaegers must stop them to protect the mankind, meanwhile, scientists try to discover how to stop the temporary breaches.

    So, now you know the plot, now, you can be in the series, just tell me your name (The name you will have in the series), your appearance, and your Jaeger.

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  • Rigbybestie1510

    Okay, uh, I KNOW everyone is wondering where I was yesterday... and I can explain that. Uh, Ty can tell you that I left around 5 o'clock mysteriously and didn't come back. Well, this is because my whole section of apartments had a blackout. It started a 5PM and ended around 2-3AM. It's a miracle that none of our food spoiled. So, imagine for THAT many hours not having any TV, internet, or appliances to cook with! What makes it even WORSE is, we didn't have anything to eat for dinner but cereal and that's what only I could eat, since, well, I thought Georgia Power was coming back in the morning/late afternoon again, to try again, but the power just POOF, came back on. Me and my mom found out the light on the apartment section ACROSS from us…

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  • Rigbybestie1510


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  • GrayHusky406

    This is a welcoming blog for anyone who joins this wiki. I'm not going to write much but I'm gonna give a a few links to things you need to read. Welcome to our wiki and please have fun here.

    Q: What is this wiki about?

    A: This is a fan wiki for whatever you're a fan of. I really don't care what you make page for as long as you're a fan of it. It's could be about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Call of Duty for all I care. I made this wiki so you'll have a place to put your favorite characters, shows, video games, books, and well whatever. Look at the Wiki Rules for more info.

    Here's the rules to the wiki on this link.

    Here's the promotion rules, but remember t…

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  • LuckyDragon428

    I have a new wiki!

    November 11, 2012 by LuckyDragon428

    Hey everyone! I think it's kinda funny this is my first blog. An advertisement for my new wiki. XD But, anyhoo, lol, I made a cool new wiki about mythical creatures and cryptids. I'll give you the link below. You are free to edit on there, add new infomation to pages and add all the pictures you can (as long as they're related or if they're not, PLEASE put them on your userpages and NOT on the wiki itself).

    Now, here's a new picture of Twilight!

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